The Jeffrey Epstein Dossier

Dossier on the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking case that implicates former U.S. President Bill Clinton, UK Prince Andrew, current U.S. President Donald Trump, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and hundreds of prominent individuals worldwide. All information collected by OpDeathEaters, OpDeathEatersUS, and Heather Marsh circa 2014 – Present.

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Dossier on the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking case that implicates former U.S. President Bill Clinton, UK Prince Andrew, current U.S. President Donald Trump, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and hundreds of prominent individuals worldwide. All information collected by OpDeathEaters, OpDeathEatersUS, and Heather Marsh circa 2014 – Present.

Mainstream outlets and blue checkmark personalities are mostly going to focus on how to handle the #Epstein case with as little political damage as possible, just like the prosecution did. We demand all #Epstein co-conspirators be named and brought to justice. We need a true and independent inquiry into how Jeffrey #Epstein was given leniency. Who were his co-conspirators in his trafficking ring and the network protecting them. And a in-depth look into his relationship to Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and many others.

 (last update: 1:03 a.m. Saturday, November 23, 2019 (GMT) )


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  • At least 1000 individuals in prominence including politicans, celebrities, and royals implicated in Epstein trafficking network
  • At least two U.S. presidents, one U.K. prime minister, one Israeli prime minster, and dozens of other government officials implicated.
  • Epstein clients and guests videotaped and photographed for blackmail purposes.
  • Jeffrey Epstein part of undeclared intelligence agency according to U.S. government officals.
  • Child trafficking network operated across multiple countries including United Kingdom, United States, and France.
  • Victims include trafficked girls prominetly from Eastern Europe and South America.
  • Modeling agencies used as fronts to lure and entrap victims.
  • At least two key dead witnesses, including Jeffrey Epstein and the other being Epstein butler Alberto Gonzalez.

Main Network

Wider Network

We need your help amplifying this and finding more information on Jeffrey Epstein’s net of conspirators. You can start by searching inside his personal address book the infamous ‘little black book’; see any familiar names? Post them in the #OpDeathEaters hashtag or comments below.

Implicated Institutions


  • Harvard
  • MIT


  • Palm Beach Police Department
  • Florida & U.S. Attorney general
  • Whitehouse
  • 10 Downing street
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Knesset


  • MC2 Model Management
  • L Brands (Victoria’s secret)
  • Trump Model Management


Source Thread:

Rich paedosadist Jeffrey Epstein set free after lawyer cuts deal protecting other potential pedosadists. Then-Attorney Gen Alberto Gonzales on Epstein: “would have instructed the DOJ to pursue justice without making a political mess” #OpDeathEaters.

Trump (Left); Alexander Acosta (right)

Billionaire #Epstein was involved in the trafficking, rape & torture of children worldwide for entertainment, and was put on “house arrest” for 12 months. During term of “house arrest,” he made several trips EACH MONTH to his New York home and his private Caribbean island. #OpDeathEaters

Epstein traveled the world in circles that included U.S. President Donald Trump, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, Former U.K. PM Tony Blair, UK Prince Andrew, Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Ex-Governer Bill Richardson, and many others. #OpDeathEaters

The Prince

Two associates of #Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell & Sarah Kellen have been repeatedly accused in court filings of acting as pimps. Here Prince Andrew is spotted at ‘Hookers & Pimps’ party with Epstein’s accused pimp Ghislaine Maxwell. #OpDeathEaters

Drivers, security, of politicians: Bodyguards watched as Prince Andrew “partied” with children. 100s of children are believed to have been raped and tortured at #Epstein‘s mansion that Prince Andrew frequently visited. #OpDeathEaters

Andrew (Center), on yacht courtesy of Epstein.

In the UK Scotland Yard urged to investigate Prince Andrew and bodyguards over child rape allegations in Epstein case. A MET spokesman: “Our current activity does not constitute an investigation.” #OpDeathEaters

In public statement from the Royal family on the Jeffery Epstein case and Prince Andrew’s involvement, Buckingham Palace declared child rape accusations “lurid & deeply personal”. #OpDeathEaters

UK’s free press: Media gagged on Prince Andrew child rape allegations involving Jeffery Epstein. #OpDeathEaters


Prince Andrew “asked” U.S. Prosecutors to go easy on paedosadist Jeffrey Epstein over Human Trafficking claims during trial. #OpDeathEaters

Prince Andrew Sex Slave Allegations

US judge inexplicably ordered Prince Andrew child rape allegations struck from Jeffery Epstien court record. #OpDeathEaters

United States government worked to prevent Jeffery #Epstein‘s child victim from making Prince Andrew testify under oath. #OpDeathEaters…

In papers filed in Jeffery #Epstein case Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with child rape slave he is alleged to have abused. #Epstein kept hidden cameras all over his mansion which can be used for obtaining blackmail. #OpDeathEaters

At least 13,000 papers of evidence on the Jeffery #Epstein child trafficking ring have been locked away by US prosecutors. The public deserves to see their content. #OpDeathEaters

UK Tory MP Nick Hurd who voted against an amendment to the Official Secrets Act that would have given witness protection to the victims of high-profile child abusers listed in Jeffery #Epstein ‘Little Black Book’. #OpDeathEaters

Lord Heseltine, former Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward, and Former UK business secretary Lord Peter Madelson & partner are both also listed in Jeffery #Epstein‘s ‘Little Black Book’. #OpDeathEaters

Jeffery #Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’ also includes the son of Sir Michael Havers, the former British Attorney-General who oversaw the first inquiry into the notorious Westminster paedosadist ring which involved high level VIPs #OpDeathEaters

Sir Michael Havers helped to stop the Elm Guest House investigation, tried to stop Sir Peter Hayman being named in Parliament by Geoffrey Dickens MP and tried to limit the inquiry into the Kincora boys home sex scandal. #OpDeathEaters….

Jeffery #Epstein‘s ‘Little Black Book’ also has Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert of Israel (currently in prison for corruption) and Tony Blair of the UK, and former US senator George Mitchell. #OpDeathEaters


Former PM Tony Blair was under pressure to answer over paedosadist cover-up (…) After police investigation on paedosadist ring was halted only hours after Tony Blair was briefed. #OpDeathEaters

The Lawyer

Who was the lawyer who got himself and Jeffery #Epstein that sweet and illegal plea deal with the US prosecution which leaves all conspirators untouched and free? It was Alan #Dershowitz. #OpDeathEaters

Jeffrey #Epstein‘s lawyer and close friend Alan #Dershowitz and his association with corruption and pedosadists. #OpDeathEaters

Alan #Dershowitz has previously defended notorious paedosadist Baruch Lebovits and Roman Polanski. During the Lebovits case, there was an unprecedented amount of “witness tampering, intimidation, & bribery of witnesses against Lebovits” #OpDeathEaters

Jeffery #Epstein‘s lawyer and close friend Alan #Dershowitz and his association with corruption and pedosadists. #OpDeathEaters

Alan #Dershowitz has previously defended notorious paedosadist Baruch Lebovits and Roman Polanski. During the Lebovits case, there was an unprecedented amount of “witness tampering, intimidation, & bribery of witnesses against Lebovits” #OpDeathEaters

#Epstein is also accused of pimping out child to be raped by Alan #Dershowitz on numerous occasions, not only in Florida but also on private planes (Lolita Express), in New York, New Mexico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. #OpDeathEaters

Alan #Dershowitz helped negotiate an agreement that provided immunity from federal prosecution in the Southern District of Florida not only to #Epstein, but also to “any potential co-conspirators of #Epstein.” #OpDeathEaters

After first denying raping #Epstein‘s child rape slave, Alan Dershowitz alleged he only received a “massage” and that: “I kept my underwear on during the massage.” #OpDeathEaters

Alan #Dershowitz later called his child victim trafficked by #Epstein “an admitted prostitute” and threatened to have her kids taken from her in retaliation. #OpDeathEaters


At least “two dozen young women have filed lawsuits against Epstein— already settled for confidential amounts” Settled for $1 million each? Alan #Dershowitz sues them for $100 million after. #OpDeathEaters


Jeffrey #Epstein also bankrolled the legal fees of witnesses who remained silent. ‘On the advice of my lawyer … paid for by the accused …’ #OpDeathEaters


“Epstein himself, questioned under oath, refused to answer” when questioned about Prince Andrew and others like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. #OpDeathEaters


Bill #Clinton was also named in #Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’. Clinton and his confidant Gayle Smith (who served on Obama’s National Security Council) are reported to have taken multiple trips on the “Lolita Express” a jet owned by #Epstein. #OpDeathEaters

Bill #Clinton‘s name found 21 times in Jeffery #Epstein‘s ‘Little Black Book’ and flew at least 11 times on the “Lolita Express” a jet used by #Epstien to provide services which at times included child rape slaves. #OpDeathEaters

“Bill #Clinton must have known about Jeffrey’s girls… There were desks in the living area of the villa on the island. They were covered with pictures of Jeffrey #Epstien shaking hands with famous people and photos of naked girls”- Victim. #OpDeathEaters

Virginia Roberts (child rape slave victim) says she saw Bill #Clinton on #Epsteins‘ plane with two young girls accompanying him. Clinton was there with two of #Epstein’s regular girlfriends & “two young girls”. #OpDeathEaters

When asked by victim what Bill #Clinton was doing there, #Epstein claimed: “Well, he owes me a favor” and alleged everyone owes him favors and are in eachothers pockets. #OpDeathEaters


US Secret Service claims that it has no records showing agents were ever on #Epstien‘s island with Bill #Clinton. #OpDeathEaters


During the 2016 US presidential campaign, then candidate Donald Trump accused Bill #Clinton of sexual abuse in outburst. Both the Trump and Clinton families have been close to Jeffery #Epstien for decades. #OpDeathEaters

Found in Jeffery #Epstein‘s ‘Little Black Book’ are US President Donald Trump, his brother, adult children & ex wife – including the Trump emergancy numbers. #OpDeathEaters


In 2009, Mark #Epstein, Jeffrey’s brother, testified under oath that US President Donald Trump flew on the ‘Lolita express’ at least once. #OpDetheaters

Related: Jeffery #Epstein wasn’t the only child trafficker Trump has ties to. US President Donald Trump is also connect to Russian child trafficker and organized crime figure Tevfik Arik who ran his business out of Trump tower. #OpDeathEaters

Related: In the early 70’s US President Donald Trump met John Casablancas a known child rapist that abused underage models. He became a close business partner and was hired to help manage Trump’s modeling agency. #Epstein attempted to obtain one too.

Related: Modeling agencies are also known hubs for human trafficking, Trump was also known to visit Moscow for “modeling shows” where some Intelligence officals suspect blackmail on the now US president could have been obtained. #OpDeathEaters

According to court papers US President Donald Trump had very close ties to child rapist and trafficker Jeffrey #Epstein. Trump’s legal team threatened buzzfeed with legal action for covering relationship with #Epstein. #OpDeathEaters

Related: Wade Turnbull, an award-winning Broadway producer on US President Donald #Trump‘s human trafficking front. #OpDeathEaters


Victims of US President Donald Trump’s (human trafficking) agency: “It’s like modern-day slavery.” #OpDeathEaters

Similar to Jeffery #Epstein who recorded his co-conspirators, US President Donald Trump hosted parties where attendees recall drugs and trafficked children being raped ages as low as 14. #OpDeathEaters…

US President Donald Trump was previously accused in US federal court of raping and threatening to murder a 13 year old girl in 1994, with help of Jeffery #Epstein. #OpDeathEaters


Witness on US President Donald #Trump: He also raped a 12 year old and used her disappearance to threaten other victims. #Epstein #OpDeathEaters

US President Donald #Trump was due to appear in federal court Dec. 16, 2016 over his rape of a 13 year old child however due to threats and lack of public support for the victim the case was dropped. #Epstein #OpDeathEaters


In 2016 US President Donald #Trump threatened to file for sanctions against plaintiffs lawyer if he proceeded with the child rape case. Furthering intimidation. #Epstein #OpDeathEaters

In 2016, the victim’s lawyers were hit by cyber attacks, and Pro-Trump and Russia automated accounts, a botnet, claiming to be ‘Anonymous’ which flooded them with threats ultimately intimidating the victim into withdrawing. #Epstein #OpDeathEaters

Anonymous witnessed the attack against #Trump‘s child rape victim and the intimidation tactics used against her and the law firm representing her. #Epstein #OpDeathEaters

Two of the witnesses added to the 2016 federal lawsuit against US President Donald Trump, were both “party planners” or otherwise known as pimps for Jeffery #Epstein. #OpDeathEaters


One of Jeffery #Epstein‘s pimps states in court documents that she lured child victims to a party with the promise of money & contacts into the modeling industry. Witnesses also state that they saw Donald #Trump and Jeffery #Epstein rape children together. #OpDeathEaters


Witness told court that both U.S. President Donald #Trump & Jeffrey #Epstein threatened to harm the rape victim and “make her disappear” like another victim, 12 year old Maria. #OpDeathEaters


The witness stopped working for Jeffrey #Epstein in 2002, he also threatened to kill her and her family if she came forward to authorities about the child trafficking and rape network. #OpDeathEaters


You can read through the Donald #Trump & Jeffrey #Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits by davidbix on Scribd. #OpDeathEaters

Documents reveal Jeffrey #Epstein made “frequent $100,000 donations to the Palm Beach Police Department” #OpDeathEaters

In exchange for $100,000 donations to the Palm Beach Police Department, Jeffrey #Epstein was “given PBPD baseball hats to put on dashboard of cars to avoid being stopped.” Historically this is called a bribe and it tends to buy much more. #OpDeathEaters

When police raided Jeffery #Epstein: “police found only bare cables where other computers had been” – was he warned? #OpDeathEaters

Alfredo Rodriguez, #Epstein‘s butler, was sentenced to jail (longer than #Epstien) for trying to sell a journal that recorded Epstein’s activities. Mentioned it was insurance to protect his own life. Dead. Journal missing. #OpDeathEaters #OpDeathEaters

According to original plea deal US prosecutors made with Jeffrey #Epstein co-conspirators would not be charged. However not if the deal was unlawful & doesn’t protect from obstruction of justice. This deal was recently declared unlawful. #OpDeathEaters

According to US federal judge ruling in 2019: Federal prosecutors broke law in Jeffrey #Epstein child trafficking case that implicates dozens of politicians, celebrities, and other people in power including U.S. President Donald Trump. #OpDeathEaters

U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta who broke federal law when he signed a plea agreement with Jeffrey #Epstein, currently has authority over human trafficking enforcement appointed by Donald Trump. #OpDeathEaters

US President Donald Trump on human trafficking and child rape case involving his close friend Jeffrey #Epstein: “That seems like a long time ago.” #OpDeathEaters

Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse (@BenSasse) called on the Department of Justice to re-open its non-prosecution agreement with child trafficker Jeffrey #Epstein. “Jeffrey #Epstein is a monster and his victims deserve justice” #OpDeathEaters

U.S. Federal court moves to unseal documents in Jeffrey Epstein case that could reveal evidence of an international child rape trafficking operation. #OpDeathEaters

U.S. Federal probe on Jeffrey Epstein flagged at least 40 children as his victims, including a 14-year-old who first told police. Prosecutors chose older victim for solicitation charge, easing his requirements as a registered sex offender. #OpDeathEaters

U.S. prosecutors kept all the 13, 14, and 15-year-old girls trafficked and raped by Jeffrey Epstein off his record in order to protect him. “They were cutting a plea deal. It wasn’t a prosecution,” said attorney Spencer Kuvin. #OpDeathEaters


“Mystery parties” seek secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein-related suit. See: UK Royal Prince Andrew. #OpDeathEaters

United States Attorney General, William Barr, part of legal team that worked to protect Jeffrey Epstein and his child trafficking network, that implicates several politicians, royals, and celebrities including U.S. President Donald Trump. #OpDeathEaters


The Manhattan DA’s office had graphic and detailed evidence of child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s depravity (child rape and torture) when U.S. prosecutors inexplicably argued for leniency during his 2011 sex offender registry hearing. #OpDeathEaters

Jeffrey Epstein documents could expose powerful politicians, businessmen involved in an international child rape ring who were previously hidden to prevent a “political scandal” #OpDeathEaters

A federal appeals court has ordered the release of limited sealed court records pertaining to billionaire child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s international child trafficking network. #OpDeathEaters

Child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein arrested in New York on rape trafficking charges. Was previously let go to avoid a “political mess” for politicians, celebrities, and royals, including a current US president and ex U.K. PM. #OpDeathEaters

Keep your eyes open on the Epstein case, #OpDeathEaters has a name for this called the ‘one lone fall guy’ which has happened in every case in every place. #OpDeathEaters

Meanwhile, in civil society, any mention of the Epstein case or his high-level clientele is swiftly suffocated and hidden from view, as such was the case of philosopher Heather Marsh at the UK’s @OxfordUnion at the beginning of 2018. #OpDeathEaters

PizzaGate was created as a direct attack on the #OpDeathEaters‘ Epstein investigation which was gaining public attention during the U.S. Election; it was pushed widely by Wikileaks in an attempt to discredit former Wikileaks Central editor Heather Marsh.


Documentary evidence that Pizzagate and Qanon narratives were developed to shield Trump and the Epstein child trafficking network. #OpDeathEaters

U.S. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigns after being exposed as part of a legal team that deliberately botched case against #Epstein in order to “avoid a political mess” for prominent co-conspirators of the trafficking network. #OpDeathEaters ⁦⁦

International child trafficker and rapist Jeffrey #Epstein, who collected blackmail on prominent individuals worldwide, revealed to be a spy by Acosta. #OpDeathEaters…


Jeffrey Epstein was accused of witness tampering by U.S. federal prosecutors who said he wired at least $350,000 to two people who were potential witnesses against him. #OpDeathEaters

Israel PM Netanyahu calls for a criminal probe on former PM Ehud Barak for his ties with international child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein entered partnership worth millions with Ehud Barak. #OpDeathEaters

Former PM Ehud Barak was a frequent guest of child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein when he was in New York. #OpDeathEaters

Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak was Epstein’s business partner. Barak advised Harvey Weinstein to hire ex-Mossad to collect blackmail on victims. #OpDeathEaters

Jeffrey Epstein was running a blackmail scheme (providing children for rape and torture to prominent individuals then filming it) under the cover of a hedge fund. #OpDeathEaters

#Epstein was primarily funded by Leslie Wexner, founder and chairman of L Brands (Victoria’s secret) Epstein financed and managed the Israeli linked Wexner Foundation. #OpDeathEaters

Wexner is the co-founder of Mega Group, which has strong ties to Mossad. Other co-founders include Charles Bronfman (linked to NXIVM trafficking network) and Robert Maxwell (father of Ghislaine Maxwell). #OpDeathEaters

Leslie Wexner purchased a mansion in 1989 for millions that was transferred to Jeffrey #Epstein‘s Virgin Islands-based Maple Inc. for $0. It’s the same mansion the FBI raided and found a large cache of child rape and abuse media. #OpDeathEaters

Police found Epstein had a framed photo of Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, colloquially known as MBS, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia showing prominently in his New York Mansion. #OpDeathEaters

Police find expired passport with Jeffrey #Epstein‘s photo, different name, residence in Saudi Arabia inside safe full of diamonds and cash. #OpDeathEaters

Trump and MBS at the Imperial Hotel in Osaka on June 28, 2019. Trump calls the Saudi crown prince “a close friend of mine” and says it’s an “honor” to be with him. #Epstein #OpDeathEaters


Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers attempt the old “it’s for national security” claim by telling court #Epstein had ‘doctored’ a Saudi passport found in a secret safe next to a large amount of cash and diamonds to ward off hijackers and terrorists. #OpDeathEaters

Flight data shows that Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on the eve of the 2016 U.S. election and same day Jeff Bezos was meeting with MBS. Both are linked to Epstein. #OpDeathEaters

#Epstein is connected to international Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi (uncle of journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was murdered by MBS) and was a close Trump associate in the 80s. #OpDeathEaters

Some of the names with ties to arms / human trafficker Khashoggi are Trump, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, David Stirling, Richard Perle. Oliver North, Mark Thatcher, Tony Blair, Ferdinand Marcos, Prince Alfonso, some of which are listed in #Epstein‘s black book. #OpDeathEaters


In the Iran-Contra scandal, Adnan Khashoggi was named as one of the key middlemen between Oliver North (pardoned by now AG Bill Barr whose firm handled the Epstein case in 2008 ) in the White House and Iran. #OpDeathEaters

Coincidentally enough the former head of the DIA David Shedd, behind the censorship of journalist Heather Marsh at the @OxfordUnion for pointing out the Epstein story, was also involved in the Iran-Contra affair out of his own admission. #OpDeathEaters


What was David Shedd’s involvement with Khashoggi (Epstein?) during the Iran-Contra affair and what is he doing with money laundering and human trafficking in South America right now?? #OpDeathEaters


Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico linked to child trafficking network, rape investigation. #OpDeathEaters

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is listed in #Epstein‘s Little Black Book, was in office 2003 – 2011. Visited the ranch named “Zorro”, used for child trafficking, on at least one confirmed occasion. #OpDeathEaters

Victims allege: “Epstein sexually abused hundreds of children (ages 11 -14) , not only in Palm Beach, but at his homes in Manhattan, New Mexico and in the Caribbean.”… #OpDeathEaters #opdeny

#Epstein “hoped to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women / young children at his vast New Mexico ranch…lied about the identities of his clients, his wealth, his financial prowess, his personal achievements.”… #OpDeathEaters

“In newly unsealed documents, Virginia #Giuffre claims that Jeffrey #Epstein and Ghislaine #Maxwell trafficked her to politicians, princes, and a high-flying financier, among others.”… #OpDeathEaters

Ghislaine #Maxwell arranged for #Giuffre (other children) to be raped by former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, U.K. Prince Andrew, wealthy financier Glenn Dubin, former senator George Mitchell, now-deceased MIT scientist #MarvinMinsky, and modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel. #OpDeathEaters

Ghislaine #Maxwell also forced #Guiffre to be raped by “another prince,” a “foreign president,” a well-known prime minister” and the owner of a “large hotel chain” in France. According to documents. #OpDeathEaters

New Mexico records show #Epstein gave: $100K total to Gov. Bill Richardson’s 2002 campaign and 2006 re-election, under, The Zorro Trust. $15K to AG candidate Gary King. $10K to state land commissioner candidate Jim Baca. $2K to Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano. #OpDeathEaters

(last update: 1:03 a.m. Saturday, November 23, 2019 (GMT) )

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