Long Term Goals

by Heather Marsh

What is #OpDeathEaters, what are our goals, and what have we achieved so far? An index to our work and goals.

#OpDeathEaters was founded by Heather Marsh (@GeorgieBC) in 2014 as a continuation and amalgamation of earlier operations such as #OpGabon, #OpRohingya, #OpCanary, #OpGtmo, and many others she had previously initiated.

#OpDeathEaters was initially supported by a wide variety of regional accounts and human rights groups and received extensive international media coverage. Regional accounts @opGabon and @opDeathEatersUS have remained very active for many years. Both amassed large bodies of research and achieved breakthrough results through relentless coverage. Search other regions or names with the hashtag #OpDeathEaters

#OpDeathEaters was the subject of a 2016 book by @mike_salter called Crime, Justice and Social Media.

The founder of #opDeathEaters, Heather Marsh (@GeorgieBC) was invited to speak at @OxfordUnion in February 2018 and was censored (the only censorship in the Union’s history) for confronting the former head of the U.S. DIA about #opDeathEaters cases.

During the 2016 US election, #opDeatheaters was the subject of a deflection attack from the well-funded and institutionally promoted state disinformation campaigns, Qanon and Pizzagate.

All information regarding #OpDeathEaters can be found in this FAQ. Phase one is well underway. We need to complete goals four and five and put more focus on phase two.

Phase One

1. Establish the credibility and scale of paedosadism and trafficking industry ties and blackmail power at institutional levels.

2. Challenge the propaganda and framing of paedosadism and trafficking as isolated ‘mental illness’,’personal life’ or ‘sex scandals’ instead of an industrial,international, organized crime network. 

3. Raise awareness of both the scale of the story and how to combat the propaganda.

4. Create a database tool for researchers and use it to map relationships and scale. [ see: https://www.getgee.xyz/ ]

5. Clearly define possible independent inquiry options for each country and build support for them. 

6. Work with journalists to create more libel-protected coverage of unreported stories. 

7. Work with human rights lawyers to receive affidavits to help push for inquiries or for ongoing inquiries to investigate.

Phase Two

8. Examine laws used to support and protect the paedosadism and trafficking industry, such as secrecy and other anti-knowledge laws. Establish knowledge as a human right.

9: Examine immigration, border controls and refugee policies which allowed and/or encouraged vast amounts of child trafficking internationally.

10: Investigate the role of NGOs and others standing between the vulnerable and the public and frequently feeding the industry.

11: Examine the focus of media on spokes people (such as NGOs) for the vulnerable and promote the need for the right of all to communicate directly.

12: Investigate the role of academia, news media and entertainment in creating propaganda entirely from the point of view of the predator.

13: Investigate the cover-ups after the 80s, worldwide. (Especially organizations created to ‘protect’ which were part of the industry.)

14: Show the gendered bias against male rape victims and the anti-victim bias in media, courts and general society.

15: Challenge the idea of a powerful man in a suit as automatically more credible than a child, prisoner, etc.

16: Challenge the idea of ‘paedophilia’ as a sexual orientation.

Q: What is the difference between a pedosadist and the sexual orientation of pedophilia?

A: There is no such thing as a sexual orientation called paedophilia. A sexual orientation, or sex, requires consenting partners. It is not sex if some of those involved are called victims, that is rape. Someone attracted to rape has sexual sadism disorder or paraphilic coercive disorder. Someone attracted to the rape of children is a paedosadist. A paedosadist who acts on their impulses is a criminal paedosadist, one who does not is a non-offending paedosadist.


17: Challenge the idea of both paedosadism and sociopathy as incurable and natural when we know both are environmental and growing.

18: Challenge the idea that only some children are ‘ours’ to protect. Children are trafficked internationally because of this idea.  

tl;dr If you are thinking Kill the Bad Guys is the solution, you have no idea. We need nothing less than a complete examination of who we are.